The music

Music, which is supposed to fill adults and kids with enthusiasm is a challenge for both lyricist and composer. Best case scenario would be when the parents and children could listen to the same music in the car while on the way to vacations. The music to Little Star is musical, rap and chanson. The music prompts to dance but to also talk about the stories which are being transported. Surely the music fulfills the highest educational demands. So just play the CD and wait and what happens, reactions are guaranteed.

'Sylvie rockt'

Music during the star-hours

The acoustic-play is a priority, where the songs are lead on by clapping, handclapping or only with a one string guitar. Choruses are rapped in the group and the songs are sometimes accompanied with beatboxing. The most popular song of course is Hallo Kleiner Stern (Hello Little Star), a very catchy tune, and Little Star will definitely come out of his star-bag…

'Der Kleine Stern im Studio'

Music from the CD

To get Little Star home all necessary is the CD or sounds from the kindergartens, when there’s no star-hours, the songs are always requested. During star-hours the music is used as an instrument to learn the character dances, or to support the theater play and the movement of the children.