People behind

Christian Liebisch

Christian Liebisch – the “Starkeeper”

Little Star is an affair of the heart for Christian Liebisch! He is the initiator and the engine of the program, he develops the media and also works with children in kindergartens and pre-primary schools. Beside that he also knows how to present contents in front of an expert audience and his talents in music, acting, dance and rhyming and picture design are featured in the program and in his presentations.

Uli Große

Uli Große – musical director

Uli Große has been working with Christian Liebisch for a long time, in 1989 he even produced a band led by Christian Liebisch. He works as a band coach in the Kassel area and has studio where all the CDs where recorded in. And with his contacts in the music scene he has found charismatic musicians and young talents to include in the project.

Sylvie Rühl

Sylvie Rühl – act

Sylvie Rühl is partner for the Sternstunden (Star-hours) and the workshops. She combines pedagogical finesse with creativity and with a qualification as an actress, she has had a lot of experience with children’s theater.