The characters

Little Star – the main character

Little Star is the main character for our learning and playing universe. He doesn’t have any super qualities. He’s small, has a red hat and doesn’t have a special name. He loves playing with his friends and is frustrated when things don’t work out as he wants. The thing children love about him is that he is like them.

With this puppet it is possible to integrate the children’s perspective into the teaching process because Little Star brings reflects the children’s needs and behavior.

'Der gemuetliche Mond'

The Moon – the calm one

This is Little Star’s best friend, maybe of his calmness. He is pleasant, daydreams a lot, always has time and is a very good listener.

'Die wunderschoene Sonne'

The Sun – the diva

She is pretty and likes attention. Like the diva she is, she is also uptight. She like pretty things, noise and chaos are not her favorite things. She always gets headaches them and in her universe she is the star.

'Der schlaue Grüne Planet'

The Green Planet – the researcher

This one is a professor who has a scattered mind, who at times mumble to himself. He likes doing research. He has a lot going on in his mind that he sometimes even confuses things or forgets the. Nonetheless he is smart but sometimes stupid.

'Die liebe Erde'

The good Earth – the considerate one

She is a good mother. Besides that she has a wonderful hairstyle that should not be ruined. She is warm hearted and worries about others. And of course she is a good cook and loves her garden but she also likes to give advice even when not asked.

'Die ehrgeizige Wolke 7'

Cloud 7 – the ambitious one

She is an over achiever. Ambition and hard work are her strongest qualities. She does her work very fast, effective and concentrated. When doing sports she wants to be the best and she works hard to achieve that. Therefore she is always in a hurry.

'Der lässige Wind'

The Wind – the cool one

He is very chilled and never has problems. He’s treats his friends well and is musical and like fooling around. When he consoles someone all he says is: “All will be well!” Sometimes he is not respectful and he can’t get enough of playing around.