The Lern-Erlebnis-Programm Der Kleine Stern (Learn –Experience-Programme The Little Star) establishes a specific learning environment for children with theater and art educational methods which teach the children about their experiences. The holistic approach addresses all learning channels through the specifically developed multimodal methods that promote active development. Visual, auditory and kinesthetic elements are integrated in the learning environment. The switch between learning channels, the use of media and theatrical methods captivates the children’s attention. They learn new contexts then practice them with music and rhymes when revising them. Important is also the physicality that complies with the natural urge of the children and through movement the element is embedded deeper.

You can learn new practical methods in our workshops. Experienced trainers help with providing methods that you can use creatively develop and utilize educationally.



Excitement, surprise and clownery are the elements that always fill the children with enthusiasm to follow the context of the stories. They are not requested to participate but are rather invited because the Little Star project has a welcoming culture.



Abstract ideas become alive and comprehensive in play situations. Things start to talk and want to be addressed with the proper name and pictures tell names. Children and adults both take on this journey to discover new vocabulary.



The experimental handling with language and the integration of fantasy words, rhymes, saying and songs encourage speaking and make revision very easy. Even the more introverted and quiet kids lose their shyness of speaking.


Language development with Little Star includes movement. Motion patterns improve the memorization. The “tongue-motor” mobilizes the tongue muscle and in play situations the mimic is trained whilst the hands support the voice so she can be stronger.