To start it off, Little Star is a gain for those who work with children. During our workshops you not only learn how to work with the Learn-Experience- Program but you also re-discover the fun in your pedagogical work and the playful handling of children. When everything is going well then the success will come itself. Cultivate some characteristics of your personality e.g. humor, creativity und spontaneity that way you can enjoy the work you are doing and create learn experiences for you and the children.

Working with children demands flexibility and with our art and theatrical pedagogical methods help avoid that challenge by actively integrating helpful skills. The Learn-Experience- Program Little Star helps a structure to build up on and during exemplary and playful exercises you learn how to attend to the individual strengths and needs of the children. You also learn about the theoretical basics and you get information from us which helps systematically helps you with language building. And just after a short while you will be able to see the improvement.