Holistic language development

The Lern-Erlebnis-Programm (Learn-Experience-Program) Little Star is a complete language development program where all levels of speech development are supported. Not only do children who are on different performance levels profit but also children who are learning German as a second language. The promotion is integrated daily and as part of the so-called Lern-Erlebnissen (Learn-Experiences), also called Sternstunden (Star-hours). The flexibility enables adjustments to individual needs of the learn groups or each and every child.

The concept involves all the physical and emotional aspects of speaking methodically. It prompts the active and passive vocabulary, experiments with language, fights speech anxiety and improves articulation and voice volume. Mimic and gesture, the expressive aspects of language and also grammar also form part of the concept. Music, dance, theater and other artistic methods are used to teach the children.

The playful activities connect different points of focus and integrate language into correlation. The metaphorical setting makes the learning environment attractive and exciting for the children. Here are some examples:

Creating “snake” words

Methode Schlangenworte
  • -Helps memorize long words
  • -Trains syllable division
  • – Develops new vocabulary due to lip imitation
  • – Supports phonological consciousness


Drawing “star”-maps

Drawing experiment


  • – Loosens writing hand
  • – Trains the finer motor skills of the writing hand
  • – Stimulates fantasy
  • – Develops and labels patterns
  • – Two-dimensional distribution of elements


Speaking in “space”-language

Speaking experiment


  • – Improves articulation and formation of sounds
  • – Reduces speaking shyness
  • – Trains mimic and gesture
  • – Experiments with speaking melody and rhythm
  • – Supports the theatrical work
  •  Video

Merve and Yusuf report

Vocabulary, generic terms, phonological awareness
  • Merve and Yusuf did not only improve their vocabulary with The Little Star but have also learnt how to build generic terms and how to separate syllables. That makes them very well prepared for when they finally go to school. Video