Working with refugee children


Working with refugee children

Children who are not fluent in German are starting to make sentences. Mohadese records her voice on a tablet and can hear herself immediately. The Little Star stories are now coming to life, the recordings become a song. We are also surprised how good the pronunciation of the children just after a short time. When there’s difficulties then we practice the pronunciations.

Dancing, singing and drawing are used to always practice listening and speaking German. “Darf ich deine Mütze streicheln?” (Can I touch your hat?) is the required sentence the children have to ask to be able to touch Little Star when he comes out of the bag. The lively atmosphere and the use of theatrical elements help build up bonds with the kids. ( TAZ- Article from 24.02.2016 about this project.)  TAZ-Artikel vom 240216 zu dieser Arbeit

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